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Being proactive is the best way to plan for your old age – ahead of time – before you get sick.  When you plan in advance, you have more options.  Talk with an insurance specialist and see if long term care insurance is possible for you.  Let your family know where to find your important documents. 

Take advantage of a free consultation with the attorneys experienced with elder law at Holmes & Ells, PLLC so you can protect your assets, stay in your home, and make the best financial decisions as you get older.

Sometimes, however, the unpredictable happens.  If you should find yourself in a crisis, don’t worry, we can help.  In particular, it may be wise to apply for Medicaid.  Long term care can be a huge financial and emotional burden on a spouse or other dependents.  Government programs may provide assistance.

However, Medicaid rules, practices and procedures are complicated.  They are also constantly changing.  The rules you base your plan on now may be different in the future.

 Many people assume that once they meet the qualifying criteria for Medicaid eligibility, the process will go smoothly.  In fact, applying for Medicaid can be a daunting and complex process.  Wading through complex forms and inadvertently omitting pertinent information can hold up the process and delay much needed benefits.  It is highly advisable, most especially for the elderly and infirm, to enlist the consultation and assistance of a qualified attorney who knows elder care law in New Hampshire and who can offer guidance with regard to all issues surrounding a senior citizen’s life, including Medicaid planning, long term care decisions, and maintenance of an up-to-date long term care plan.

We are experienced in elder law, Medicaid and long term care planning.  Steps can be taken to provide for alerts for financial and other types of elder abuse and to ensure proper care in nursing homes.  We can also assist with court-appointed guardianships for incapacitated adults and their estates.  Contact our office today and together we can start planning for your future.

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